Nowruz – the Persian New Year celebrated at our centre!

On Saturday, 31th of March 2018, the Charity Centre for Refugees’ team and its beneficiaries gathered together to celebrate one of the most important cultural celebrations Nowruz – the Persian New Year which is celebrated worldwide on 21st March.

The Nowruz (“New Day”) is a ceremony observed by numerous peoples to welcome the New Year, as well as the first day of spring, which usually take place on the vernal equinox. Nowruz is a festivity that has been observed for thousands of years and partly rooted in the tradition of Zoroastrian religion, which nowadays is still spread all around the world, but mostly present in Iran, Afghanistan, in the countries Central and Western Asia.

The event gathered more than 35 refugees and asylum seekers that enjoyed a presentation of the main characteristics of the festivity and some performances such as traditional music and dances from Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, etc. The celebration ended with refreshment in a cheering atmosphere where people could taste from traditional Uzbek pilaf.

The aim of this event was equally the same, along with the intention to create an opportunity to promote tolerance among the local community, to contribute to a cultural exchange and share the traditions of our beneficiaries, representatives of different cultures and peoples.











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