Building bridges of tolerance and peace through multicultural activities

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On 19th of July 2017, Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), partner of UNHCR, organized a multicultural event at the Temporary Accommodation Center for Asylum Seekers (TAC). CCR supported by the National Association of European Trainers in Moldova (ANTEM), carried out a Romanian lesson for women and children living at TAC. During the lesson teachers implemented varied non-formal methods of learning that was appreciated by the students. In order to have a fully integration in the Moldovan society, the refugees and asylum seekers need to learn one of the languages spoken in the country to be able to communicate with local people, but also this facilitates their employment. In this regard, CCR strongly encourage refugees and asylum seekers to participate in this kind of activities.

In the meantime this lesson was carried out, the EVS volunteer working at CCR together with other Spanish volunteers, cooked famous traditional Spanish dishes for the people living at TAC such as “tortilla” and “salmorejo”. This was an opportunity for refugees and asylum seekers to find out a new cuisine and communicate with EVS volunteers.

CCR wants to thank the Spanish volunteers for their collaboration in this activity.

Miriam Lorenzo Prieto, EVS volunteer from Spain

Doina Crăciun, Art Teacher