In the framework of the UAE Embassy in Ukraine, CCR supported local schools in Mereni village

On 19th September 2019, the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR) within the program of the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Ukraine and its partners supported the two local schools based in Mereni village, Anenii Noi district – the high and elementary schools – to meet the needs of the children who are in need of modern technology to reach wider information and faster.

In this regard, CCR provided video projectors and screens that will facilitate the connection of pupils to multi-sided sources of information and will facilitate a faster assimilation of it. During the visit to the schools, Mr. Djavid Paknehad, director of CCR and Mrs. Ludmila Colesnic, the Mayor of the village met with the directors and pupils who were delighted by the gifts. Also, CCR donated balls for basketball, football and volleyball to encourage children to be active, do sport and enjoy various sport games at their schools.

CCR has a fruitful collaboration with the local authorities of the village Mereni that hosts refugees for a long period that live in the social apartments and so facilitates their local integration and promote tolerance among local communities.

Text: Doina Crăciun, project assistant