Cash Based Intervention (CBI) assistance due to Covid-19 pandemic for refugees, asylum-seekers and stateless persons in Moldova

The COVID-19 restrictions had a serious impact on vulnerable stateless persons that could not re-establish any sources of income and therefore could not meet their basic needs. The aim of the project was to conduct social assessments of 50 stateless individuals identified by the authorities and provide one-off financial assistance to those who met criteria of eligibility. In addition, CCR distributed financial assistance to refugees and asylum-seekers. In the first round, 200 refugees and asylum-seekers received the assistance and 100 persons during the second round. The project was implemented in collaboration with the UNHCR, the Bureau for Migration and Asylum and community social assistants. Besides cash assistance, CCR assisted a few stateless persons to document themselves, apply for citizenship and access state social benefits.


Integration of refugees and asylum seekers in Moldova through football (2019-2020)

The project was implemented in collaboration with the Football Association in Moldova and it aimed at promoting football amongst refugees while increasing community cohesion. Football and other related activities that were organised united refugees and locals, encouraged them to strengthen the community-building and resilience. In the framework of the project, CCR organized football events and matches and built a mini football pitch at the Temporary Accommodation Centre for asylum-seekers. The project encouraged excellence in football for adult and children refugee that were interested in football and coach courses. To experience the world of football children accompanied players on the arena during two matches of national teams. Education had a specific attention within the project. CCR provided school supplies and football clothes for children and covered the tuition fee for higher education for refugee students.