On 10th of July, Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), partner of UNHCR and BMA, organised a visit at the National Art Museum of Moldova for refugee and asylum-seeking women and children.

Our beneficiaries discovered many treasures of the National Art Museum from Chișinău. The guide told that it was built in 1939 by Alexandru Plămădeală (carver). This art museum features local and international paintings, sculptures and other works. Due to the restoration work the rooms are looking full of light and bright. Some sculptures are done in the thematic of Christian religion, some paintings – in baroque style, other pictures show the life in the XIXth – XXth centuries. Even the kids were interested to look at the paintings, portraits and sculptures, sometimes asking the guide what message they send if they liked the masterpiece.

In the framework of integration programme, CCR supports refugees and asylum seekers to discover the Moldovan traditions, customs and habits in order to find out the local culture through organizing excursions to historical sites, including museums, monasteries, natural reservations etc.

Șabnam-Cristina Paknehad