Easter Celebration at Temporary Accommodation Centre

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In the context of the Easter celebrations, the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), Partner of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Republic of Moldova (UNHCR), organized on 19th of April 2017 three events that gathered more than 50 participants.

The cultural program started with an activity of the Women’s Club, namely painting eggs and cooking afghan traditional food for all the participants. Also, the guests of the event enjoyed delicious meals prepared by afghan women. At the same time, with the support of local, european and from refugee community volunteers, children had a small workshop for drawing and decorating eggs on papers.

In the last years, CCR has been collaborating with the Metropolis of Moldova, and this year we also had the honor to invite an orthodox Priest, who spoke about the origins of the Easter, the symbols and traditions respected by the Christians, and kindly asked various questions of the most audience.

Easter celebration took place at Temporary Accommodation Centre and aimed to inform about the traditional and national holidays. Also, it aims to ensure the cultural exchange among its beneficiaries, thus to bring them closer to the local life style and culture.

Miriam Lorenzo PrietoEVS volunteers from Spain