On the 9th of December there was an excursion day to Cricova for a group of refugees. Charity Centre for Refugees supported by UNHCR Moldova organized a tour to one of the famous and popular tourist destinations in Moldova.

In a lively atmosphere the excursion was accompanied by a guide who explained the story of the winery along the centuries and it various functions in the Moldovan history. The tour also included the projection of a short movie promoting the image of Cricova’s winery. Refugees, EVS volunteers and staff went around the subterranean with a special train which added a special taste to the group trip being a special moment to share some time together in a relaxed way.

At the end of the excursion, refugees visited the souvenir shop and pleased themselves with some delicious Moldovan wine.

Federica Pulcini – EVS volunteer from Italy at CCR
Inga Roman – CCR Project Assistant