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Football against Racism in Europe (FARE) 2017

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On the 13th of October 2017, Charity Centre for Refugees, partner of UNHCR and BMA, organized a football tournament and a handicraft workshop activity under the umbrella of the Football People Weeks supported by FARE. Every year FARE supports different organizations to fight against racism and discrimination through football activities all around Europe.

This year, CCR organized activities in the “Gymnasium Galata”, where some of the refugees and asylum seekers study. First of all, a workshop took place where the children made some flags that they used later during the football matches to cheer the teams. Then, the football matches were played. Three teams formed by children of the school, refugees and locals, and one team formed by EVS volunteers and an ex football player refugee, played between them.  Doesn’t matter what team won or who played better, the important thing was that everyone had a good time playing football. After the tournament, CCR offered refreshment to the players and spectators to replenish forces.

The director of the “Gymnasium Galata” invited CCR workers and EVS volunteers to the activities that the school had also organized for that day because of the 45th anniversary of the school, where the children made some performers like dancing or singing.

In this regard, CCR expresses its gratitude to the “Gymnasium Galata” for hosting the activities and the Moldova Football Federation, which loaned banners with the motto “Football against Racism” in English and Romanian, donated a football ball and a trophy and gave a small present to all the players.

Miriam Lorenzo Prieto, EVS from Spain

Inga Roman, Project Coordinator