On Saturday, 17th of October 2020, at the Temporary Accommodation Centre (TAC), a football match took place between the asylum seekers currently living there.

This match is one of the activities that the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR) had planned within the #FootballPeople weeks, as CCR is one of the winners of the mini grant for the period 08-22.10.2020. This year, CCR’s motto is “Show only red cards to DISCRIMINATION, as EQUALITY matters!” Beside the asylum seekers, on Saturday were present the TAC’s Director and CCR’s staff.

The mini football field was build in spring 2020 within the “UEFA Football and Refugees Grant Scheme 2018/2019” Project and with the huge support of the Moldovan Football Federation.

Before the match, the asylum seekers received T-shirts (white and blue) with the #FootballPeople weeks logo, and after the match they received tasty and warm lunch, fruits, and juices.

All the precautionary measures during the pandemic have been taken.

Be healthy!



Text: Paknehad Șabnam-Cristina – CCR’s Deputy Director