On 28 of October 2021, the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR) organized an information session for refugees and asylum-seekers regarding formal employment and its benefits as well as about provisions of the Labour Code and other rights and entitlements of workers in the Republic of Moldova, in particular those adopted in the pandemic period.

The aim of the information session was to ensure CCR’s persons of concern are aware of the actual regulations and rules in labour field and use their rights and entitlements in the same manner as follow their duties and obligations.

The information session also aimed to provide answers to refugees and asylum-seekers that need clarifications on the labour law and on contractual provisions, etc. In total a number of 24 persons, including 19 refugees and asylum-seekers participated at the session. Refugees and asylum-seekers provided a positive feedback and showed their interest in other similar information sessions. CCR will consider this and organize more information session on the topic.


Text: Doina Craciun – CCR’s Project Assistant