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Informative session about SGBV for teachers, educators and parents

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On 23rd of April, Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), partner of UNHCR and Bureau of Migration and Asylum (BMA), organized at the gymnasium “Galata” an informative session for teachers of the gymnasium, educators from the kindergarten no. 123 of refugees and local children about violence and discrimination of the pupils.

Speakers of the event were the Head of the Municipal Children Rights Protection Directorate, Mrs. Lucia Caciuc and the expert recommended by UN Women, Mrs. Olga Ojog, institutions that collaborates with CCR, who discussed about violence and discrimination of the pupils in schools, including based on nationality, religion and country of origin, types of violence and especially domestic violence.

The Director of CCR, Mr. Djavid Paknehad opened the meeting with some welcome words and presented briefly the content of the informational session and thanked the present experts and guests and the educational institutions gymnasium “Galata” and kindergarten no. 123 where usually refugee and asylum-seeking children are studying. CCR`s staff presented the signs and causes of violence against children in and outside the school walls and the ways of prevention. Participants could share between each other their opinions, experience and concerns about violence between pupils at school.

CCR brings its gratitude to the Director of gymnasium “Galata” and the kindergarten no. 123, both being located near the Temporary Accommodation Centre for asylum seekers, for hosting the organization of this event and to our experts, Mrs. Lucia Caciuc and Mrs. Olga Ojog for accepting the invitation and sharing with everybody their knowledges in the field, as well as the representative of the BMA present at the event.

Paknehad Șabnam-Cristina