For many years, the “Charity Centre for Refugees” (CCR) has relations with the “Free International University of Moldova” (ULIM), and since 2018 has been working more fruitfully and close with the “Faculty of International Relations, Political Science and Journalism” (FRIȘPJ).

On November 22, 2021, the third year students from FRIȘPJ had a lesson named “Community Centre – new opportunities for the integration of refugees in the Republic of Moldova”.

The speaker, Mr. Djavid Paknehad (Director of CCR) explained to the students detailed about the process of adapting refugees in the Republic of Moldova and the support that CCR offers.

CCR thanks the Dean of FRIȘPJ, Mrs. Viorica Țîcu, for the invitation and hopes that the information received by the students was interesting and will be useful to them.


Text: Paknehad Șabnam-Cristina – Fundraising Specialist