Our Mission

Basic Social Services

  • Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR) provides its premises for refugees, asylum seekers and beneficiaries of humanitarian protection where they can organize meetings, openly discuss and solve various problems and issues.
  • The Women’s Group Initiative, the members of which are refugee women, holds its meetings in the CCR office and can freely use CCR premises for its activities.
  • CCR renders laundry services to its beneficiaries both at its office and at the Temporary Accommodation Centre.
  • CCR offers a well-equipped gym-hall and a room featuring upholstered furniture, TV, toys, books and magazines.
  • CCR provides temporary shelter of one to three days to its beneficiaries in the cases of emergency.
  • CCR distributes humanitarian aid (food, hygienic items and clothes) received from other international organizations or NGOs.
  • Social monitoring visits to beneficiaries living in social houses from Mereni and Răzeni villages, and other rural and urban areas, including Chişinău, the south and the north parts of Moldova in order to ensure monitoring of the major problems met by the beneficiaries (household issues, medical care, school, social protection and other issues), together with other Implementing partners and UNHCR Moldova.
  • Providing winter shoes and clothes for newly arrived asylum seekers;
  • Providing Integration grants upon the needs and vulnerable cases of the beneficiaries;
  • Daily consultations of the beneficiaries on various issues (education, trainings, health care, information regarding addresses, writing applications, phone calls, access to internet, etc.).

Cultural and integration activities

  • The CCR as a UNHCR implementing partner organizes cultural and entertaining activities for its beneficiaries and their children on occasions of international and local holidays.
  • In collaboration with other NGOs and institutions, CCR carries out sport events, ecological activities, where our beneficiaries participate together with the local population.
  • CCR holds excursions to the historical places of Moldova thus familiarizing its beneficiaries with Moldovan history, culture and traditions and facilitating the integration process.
  • CCR shares with the refugee community joyous events and supports it in the moments of grief, providing its premises for moral and spiritual needs on the occasions of weddings, birthdays or remembrance days;
  • CCR carries out anti-discrimination activities and supports those refugees who live in rural areas, collaborating with local authorities and local population, especially in the local schools where refugee children are pursuing their studies.
  • CCR supports the women integration and empowerment through a series of measures undertaken within its premises and outside: Integration Women’s club, recreational activities, vocational workshops (cooking, beauty industry, teaching, etc.), etc.

Educational activities

  • CCR provides its beneficiaries and their children with computer courses and Internet services in our office and in the TAC.
  • CCR provides its beneficiaries with vocational training in order to enhance their self-reliance.
  • As all the refugees in order to receive Moldovan citizenship, have to pass a Constitution and State language exam, CCR holds Constitution, history and culture lessons for refugees.
  • CCR monitors the holding of State language courses at the State Pedagogical University “Ion Creanga” and at the Temporary Accommodation Centre of the Bureau of Migration and Asylum. Those beneficiaries who have an 80% attendance receive bus passes.
  • CCR collaborates with local universities (i.e. Free International University of Moldova, Techical University of the Republic of Moldova, State Pedagogical University “Ion Creangă” etc.) to support the refugees and beneficiaries of humanitarian protection to follow the higher education, receive a qualification. The main achievement of CCR and UNHCR Moldova in this field is that the refugees and the beneficiaries of humanitarian protection are able to pay their studies as citizens of Moldova, and not as foreigners.
  • CCR carries out foreign languages classes taught by EVS and local volunteers.
  • CCR holds extra-curricular activities for children and adults both in the Temporary Accommodation Centre and at its premises, namely the classes of painting, ceramics, straw weaving, embroidering, and other PowerPoint and video educative presentations etc. CCR holds handicrafts workshops for refugee and asylum seeking women.
  • CCR organises each year during the summer-time the Summer school for children, realizing a series of activities like Arabic classes, dance and piano classes, art classes, sport and other entertaining activities designed for children of various age and cultural specificities.

Self-reliance: Employment counseling

  • Defining the Competency Framework of the beneficiaries (assessment for employment and the evaluation of language skills, experiences, specialized skills, work readiness and existing possibilities to integrate on the labor market of Moldova; evaluation of IT skills and knowledge of spoken languages, underlying the refugee status for understanding what documents will be required in the hiring process);
  • Employment counseling; (on labor rights, Moldovan job market, other relevant institutions providing assistance on employment, etc.)
  • Elaboration of the personal file (CV+motivation letter) and analysis of personal and professional skills of the potential employee;
  • Career Preparation Trainings and Informative sessions  (interview skill development, resume assistance, job-finding skills training);
  • Building of employers’ network;
  • Post-employment follow-up: monitoring employment processes, document preparation, process of legal employment registration, integration process, etc.);
  • Assisting beneficiaries and providing support for non-speakers of Romanian, Russian languages during their first visit and/or interview (providing translation  and building credibility in front of potential employer);
  • Keeping beneficiaries updated on the current relevant employment opportunities.

Awareness campaigns

CCR is working on building the tolerance and fighting against discrimination through means of raising awareness campaigns and events organized together with other relevant organizations and partners that aim at dismantling stereotypes and create a proper understanding of the local population about who the refugees are and why they had to flee their homes.

An integration is possible when both parties involved are tolerant, we want to make the local population understand that the refugees are not a threat, instead they may be a part of the society and bring value to it through its innovative experience, cultural exchange, human value, etc..