Completed Projects

Donor: UNHCR

The COVID-19 restrictions had a serious impact on vulnerable stateless persons that could not re-establish any sources of income and therefore could not meet their basic needs. The aim of the project was to conduct social assessments of 50 stateless individuals identified by the authorities and provide one-off financial assistance to those who met criteria of eligibility. In addition, CCR distributed financial assistance to refugees and asylum-seekers. In the first round, 200 refugees and asylum-seekers received the assistance and 100 persons during the second round. The project was implemented in collaboration with the UNHCR, the Bureau for Migration and Asylum and community social assistants. Besides cash assistance, CCR assisted a few stateless persons to document themselves, apply for citizenship and access state social benefits.

Donor: UEFA

The project was implemented in collaboration with the Football Association in Moldova and it aimed at promoting football amongst refugees while increasing community cohesion. Football and other related activities that were organised united refugees and locals, encouraged them to strengthen the community-building and resilience. In the framework of the project, CCR organized football events and matches and built a mini football pitch at the Temporary Accommodation Centre for asylum-seekers. The project encouraged excellence in football for adult and children refugee that were interested in football and coach courses. To experience the world of football children accompanied players on the arena during two matches of national teams. Education had a specific attention within the project. CCR provided school supplies and football clothes for children and covered the tuition fee for higher education for refugee students.

Donor: UAE Embassy in Kyiv

CCR implemented a social project in Razeni village, Ialoveni district, where a few refugees are living in a social house. Local public authority displayed a video surveillance system in the village, cameras were fitted near high school, kindergarten, mayoralty headquarters and other public spaces. Locals became aware of the monitoring and feel safer in the community, especially during nights. From the funds of the project was installed a hydrophore and a water tank in the kindergarten to supply the second floor with qualitative water. It helped workers to keep clean the spaces, dishes and to provide clean water for children. Finally, were procured and installed lightening objects for the Greek-Roman fights gym and CCR provided the equipment necessary for trainings.

Donor: UAE Embassy in Kyiv

The local primary and high schools from Mereni village, Anenii Noi district, received two video projectors, screens and balls for football, basketball and volleyball in the framework of the project. CCR has a long-lasting collaboration with the public authorities of the village in which are living a few families of refugees in social apartments. The project strengthened the good relations between the partners and enabled teachers with modern tools for teaching.   

Donor: UAE Embassy in Kyiv

The UAE Embassy in Kyiv supported short-term projects in Moldova intended to preserve the cultural values of the refugee community. During the Muslim holidays Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha, CCR provided food products to asylum-seekers at the Temporary Accommodation Centre (TAC) and refugee community at the Community Centre, gifts to women and children, organized festive lunches at TAC and distributed beef.

Donor: International Women’s Club of Moldova

The project aimed at supporting refugee community in particular refugee women and children. In the framework of the project, CCR equipped the Refugee Women Group with accessories necessary for hairdressing. The improvised hairdresser was led by a refugee woman who is a professional hairdresser and the services provided to refugee women were free of charge. In addition, CCR distributed food products to vulnerable refugee and asylum-seeking families. 

Donor : The Society of Notre-Dame (a US charity organisation) financed the design and elaboration of CCR website.

Donor: FARE

It was a short-term project that aimed at promoting football. During this project CCR organized football matches in schools and at the Temporary Accommodation Centre for asylum-seekers, etc., information sessions, round tables and webinars with participation of local football players. The activities aimed at fostering tolerance and promoting the diversity as an added value of the society.

Donor: ADRA Moldova, ADRA Austria and ADRA Switzerland

During winter holidays CCR distributed boxes with gifts to vulnerable refugee and asylum-seeking children provided by the donor. Usually, the boxes contained school supplies, sweets and toys for children.

Donor: Netherland Ministry in Foreign Affairs

In 2008-2010 CCR was the implementing organization within the MATRA project. The CCR goal was to implement activities which would facilitate the integration of refugees and asylum-seekers in the host country.

CCR being one of the four implementing organizations in Moldova was responsible for:

1) management of project activities coordinated by CCR including the socio-cultural orientation for new comers;

2) contributing to common activities including developing common vision and division of tasks, brochure about rights and duties of asylum-seekers and refugees, website, development of volunteer policy and selection, training and guidance for volunteers, common case management system;

3) participation in and contribution to trainings and workshops;

4) communication with the Refugee Directorate from the Bureau for Migration and Asylum and national and regional stakeholders;

5) assisting in the final evaluation of the project.

Donor: Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bucharest

The Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR) had been organized computer classes for refugees and asylum-seeking community since 2002 based on grant from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bucharest. Interested refugees and asylum-seekers, including children had the opportunity to attend the courses at CCR premises. The computer course offered a good chance to refugee and asylum-seeking children and adults to enlarge knowledge in ICT and improve their performance at school and work. Thus, the Centre contributed to formation of a self-reliant refugee/asylum-seeking community. Access to the internet was available to the interested refugees and asylum-seekers in Moldova, as well as to the local population.

Donor: Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bucharest

Since 2002, CCR organizes video presentations which usually include documentary films and cartoons. The cinema enabled beneficiaries with additional information and news, promoted understanding of the socio-cultural environment, familiarised them with the overall situation and major problems faced by refugees and asylum-seekers all around the world, including in the Republic of Moldova. The cinema offered a good opportunity to refugees and asylum-seekers and to local population to enlarge knowledge and enhanced closer communication between the refugee and asylum-seeking community with the local society.

  • Donation of food products to refugees and asylum-seekers (meat, fruits, cereals, sugar, etc.) from the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Chisinau, Moldova, the Islamic League “Assalam”, Turkish Cultural Centre, etc.