Current Projects


Community Development Services, Self-Reliance and Social-Cultural Orientation (1999-2016)

During 17 years, the Charity Centre for Refugees it is the Implementing Partner of UNHCR Moldova and has been supported during this period in the project of refugee integration. The project is aiming at facilitating the social-cultural integration of refugees and beneficiaries of humanitarian protection and pre-integration of asylum seekers in the local society through providing a set of services such as: cultural mediation, employment counselling, Romanian language classes, computer and internet services, monitoring of social houses, celebration of national and international holidays, round tables on rights and duties and other.

Donor: UNHCR Moldova

ADRA Moldova (2015-2018)

Support provided to the refugee/asylum seeker children who remain one of the most vulnerable categories in the Republic of Moldova.

Donor: ADRA Moldova, ADRA Austria and ADRA Switzerland.

Other donation projects (2016):

  • Elaboration of CCR website (2016). The Society of Notre Dame (a US charity organisation) financed the design and elaboration of a website for CCR.
  • Donation of food products to refugees, beneficiaries of humanitarian protection and asylum seekers (meat, fruits, cereals, sugar, etc.) from the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Chisinau, Moldova; the Islamic League “Assalam”