Current Projects

Community Development Services, Self-Reliance and Social-Cultural Orientation (1999-2016)

During 17 years, the Charity Centre for Refugees is the Implementing Partner of UNHCR and has been supported during this period in the project of refugee integration.

Donor: UNHCR Moldova

ADRA Moldova (2015-2016)

Support provided to the refugee/asylum seeker children who remain one of the most vulnerable categories in the Republic of Moldova.

Donor: ADRA Moldova, ADRA Austria and ADRA Switzerland.

Other donation projects (2016):

  • Elaboration of CCR website (2016). The Society of Notre Dame (a US charity organisation) financed the design and elaboration of a website for CCR.
  • Donation of food products to refugees, beneficiaries of humanitarian protection and asylum seekers (meat, fruits, cereals, sugar, etc.) from the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Chisinau, Moldova; the Islamic League “Assalam”