On 28th of March, the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), partner of UNHCR and Bureau of Migration and Asylum, organized its first activity within the piloted business incubator, an informative session on developing an enterprise in the Republic of Moldova as a person with a form of international protection.

The idea of ​​such an event belongs to refugees interested to open a business in the Republic of Moldova, representatives of the Regional Office of UNHCR in Central Europe present at the event encouraged participants.

The event was supported by the State Registration Chamber and ODIMM (Organization for the Development of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship) that informed refugees about the legal provisions and formal steps of an enterprise’s opening.

The purpose of the event was to help refugees become economic actors in their communities and agents of their own integration in Moldova, while contributing to the development of society by generating jobs and supporting the developing of small businesses. CCR underlined the necessity to involve refugee women in the topic and encouraged the development of women-led businesses in the Republic of Moldova.

The director of CCR, Mr. Ahmad Djavid Paknehad would like to express his gratitude for the involved experts Mr. Alexandru Ciobanu, ODIMM and Mrs. Marina Borta, State Registration Chamber that provided useful information for refugees.

CCR will continue to organize a series of activities within the piloted business incubator to help refugees become self-reliant.

Doina Crăciun, Project Assistant