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Refugees donated blood to save lives of local people

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On 26th November the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), partner of UNHCR Moldova and Bureau of Migration and Asylum, organized a blood donation action together with 20 refugees and asylum seekers living in the Republic of Moldova.

The key message of the action coming from refugees connects to the kindness and mercy that the Republic of Moldova and the local society showed to the persons who fled their countries of origin seeking for protection and safety. The blood donation action is a gesture of goodwill that strengthened community-building of the groups and promoted peace and acceptance.

It is the 3rd time when CCR organizes such actions to promote life as the highest value for both locals and refugees, regardless race, religion and nationality. Refugee community will continue to organize such actions to support local persons in need to have a new chance to life as a gesture of gratitude for understanding and compassion they are receiving from the people of the Republic of Moldova.

Doina Crăciun- CCR Project Assistant