On 21 November 2019, the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR) organized an informative session on the topic of sexual and gender-based violence for asylum-seeking women residing at the Temporary Accommodation Centre (TAC).

The goal of the event was to raise awareness on the issue and inform the asylum-seeking women about legal mechanisms adopted and implemented by the Republic of Moldova on preventing, limiting and excluding sexual and gender-based violence.

Participants were welcomed by the director of CCR, Mr. Djavid Paknehad, director of TAC, Mr. Valeriu Stratila and representative of the UNHCR RRCE, Mr. Sergiu Gaina who left asylum-seeking women to discuss the topic with women representatives of CCR and the guest from the Bureau for Migration and Asylum, Mrs. Mariana Frosineac.

Meantime, the asylum-seeking women from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, USA, Afghanistan and Nigeria that attended the informative session found out what harassment and discrimination mean and how to tackle such issues in the Republic of Moldova in order to ensure protection of the victims.

Text: Doina Crăciun, project assistant

Photo credit: Charline Georges, EVS volunteer from France