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Summer school 2018

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From the beginning of July, at Charity Centre for Refugees – CCR (Community Centre) is taking place the summer school. The refugee, asylum-seeking and beneficiary of humanitarian protection (PoCs) women and children come each Tuesday and Thursday at CCR.

Everybody participates in different activities. The Romanian language classes for women PoCs are very important for an easier integration in Moldavian society. The art classes for them are taught by our volunteer from Czech Republic, who has master degree in Adult Education. The ladies are very involved in these lessons and enjoy them.

For children, summer school prepares Arabic lessons where they write, read and speak between them to improve their knowledges about their native language, who, unfortunately they forget with the time, because of living in a completely different country.

Summer school will work till the end of August and is opened for all interested PoCs women and their children twice per week – on Tuesday`s and Thursday`s.

Șabnam-Cristina Paknehad