Charity Centre for Refugees

Studies: freshly graduated from high school

Experience in the field of volunteering: “I was a volunteer in the clubhouse of my Junior High School in Poland. I did some activities with the kids, like games, handcrafts or reading books.”

Volunteering at the Charity Centre for Refugees NGO: “I work directly with asylum seekers and refugees in the TAC (Temporary Accommodation Centre). My job is to do fitness/yoga classes there, as well as teaching English and French. It’s usually a lot of fun, although we have sometime a hard time – reasons are obvious.

However the best part of my work is by far all the informal – chatting over a cup of  “chay”  with my dear refugees, talking about their stories, expectations, the everyday life they left behind and this happening now, in little Moldova, this forgotten but fascinating country.

Despite being “only” an NGO, as some would say, the CCR plays an important role in refugee’s life here in Chişinău. It’s a formidable anchor point, helping with the creation of a new, more favorable life for the refugees and asylum seekers or as an amazing and truly supporting information source for those who move farer.

Thanks to the CCR I got along with people I would never meet in normal circumstances. I never cried more. I never felt more valuable and helpful after any language class. I never had such a great time being all together, with my charming refugees.”