Charity Centre for Refugees

EVS volunteer from the Czech Republic– interactive and development activities for children and women

Studies: Pedagogy and Adult Education

Experience in the field of volunteering: volunteering in Czech NGO in the field of adult education, volunteering in Portuguese NGO in the field of international youth work, volunteering in Turkey in the field of environmental protection connected with the life of sea turtles.

Volunteering at the Charity Centre for Refugees NGO: providing assistance in organisation of the Summer School for refugee women and children activities, helping with the second-hand room in the Temporary Accommodation Centre for asylum seekers, technical documentation support..

When I was thinking about my next volunteer opportunity I was directly searching for work in the field of the refugee issue. I found EVS project in the Republic of Moldova which seemed interesting to me and how I noticed that CCR is even cooperating with UNHCR I directly decided to come here for ten months. Currently, I am already in a process of discovering everything around me as well about the environment and wider context connected with my work. I feel valuable to be part of CCR staff because I am working with professionals who have a lot of experiences in this topic and who are really open to sharing their knowledge with me. Also, I appreciate working in a multicultural environment which I see always as a perfect climate to learn new things and which makes me feel comfortable.

I started my volunteering in CCR with art classes and handicraft workshops for Summer School so through it I have direct contact with people. I already had an opportunity to share with women and children something new about which they were interested and those things are for me full-fledged proofs that I am dedicating my time in a way to which I believe that is the right one. I honestly hope that I will be able to do my best to be useful for CCR in my following months as well because I really appreciate their work and I am really glad to be part of it.