Charity Centre for Refugees

ESC volunteer from France – interactive and development activities for children and women, conducting integration activities (November 2019 – April 2020)

Studies: Political Science

Experience in the field of volunteering: Work with people with disabilities: these people got motor disabled or respiratory assistance. The goal was to organize activities to integrate them and facilitate their mobility.

Accompaniment of children with school difficulties: I helped them to do their homework in order to make progress at school.

Volunteering at the Charity Centre for Refugees NGO: It’s my first time as European volunteer. I took a gap year to have a field experience in an NGO which is in link with the type of work I would like to do later. I want to understand how the management of asylum system is going in the Republic of Moldova. I just have started, I will be involved in activities at TAC (Temporary Accommodation Centre), I will assist the Charity Centre for Refugees to deliver social meals to asylum seekers, run the second-hand room, write articles for web site and Facebook page and take picture and video of the events and assist refugees to integrate into the society.

I really hope that this experience will help me to better understand the problems and challenges of immigration in Eastern Europe, and that my French and Western vison will help my colleague during my stay.

Thanks to the Charity Centre to welcome me in his team, I will do my best!