Charity Centre for Refugees

Linguistic, translation and technical documentation assistant

Studies: Linguistics in foreign languages

Experience in the field of volunteering: Teacher of Romanian language, Oberliht Young Artists Association

Volunteering at the Charity Centre for Refugees NGO: providing assistance and support in preparation, editing, proofreading, translation of documentation related to projects, articles, promo materials, other assistance during refugees’ integration events and activities.

Previously, I used to be a staff member at the Charity Centre for Refugees. Once gone to the maternity leave, I did not want to leave the organisation in fact, so I have been enjoying the opportunity to continue my collaboration with CCR so far. Excellent staff and volunteering team, challenging activities and endless need to be a support to refugees – all provide me the joy and development in my work, regardless my maternity status.

The Charity Centre for Refugees is the place where I can find a friendly and welcome athmosphere, learn life lessons from amazingly strong people seeking asylum in our country, and drink a cup of warm tea – anytime 🙂
Thank you, CCR!