Charity Centre for Refugees

Studies: Social Work

Experience in the field of volunteering: I volunteered before in (Ek Balam) Mexico, in a small mayan community, and in (Cusco) Perú, in a non formal school for children from low-income families.

Volunteering at the Charity Centre for Refugees NGO: The current refugee crisis and the way the countries of the European Union are dealing with the issue is truly frustrating and it makes me feel helpless. It is sad to think that in Spain not so many years ago many people had to flee by the civil war and the dictatorship and now we are not helping people in the same situation. This European volunteering in CCR has given me the opportunity to know firsthand how this issue is treated in a small country in Eastern Europe that in the beginning could be a country of passage but for some families has become a safe destination. I believe that knowing the stories of the refugees living in Moldova and working with them will be an experience of inestimable value.

CCR helps refugees to start a new life in Moldova, facilitates their integration in the country and give them a safe place where they can meet people in the same situation with whom to share stories and doubts but also meet a team of workers and volunteers who fight for their rights and are willing to help them face any problem that may arise.