Charity Centre for Refugees

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Why partner with us ?

Enhance your Social Impact

Achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility goals or UN Sustainable Development Goals

Improve the visibility of your actions

We will : feature your logo on our website, mention you on our brochure as well as on articles published on our website and shared on our social media and newsletter

Why choose CCR in particular?

Over 20 years of expertise

Since its creation in 1999, CCR has helped countless numbers of refugees and asylum-seekers thanks to the continuous support and trust of UNHCR

Rigorous and transparent

On top of our attention to Politician and service is a commitment to excellence all qualities admire

A multilingual team

We speak: English, Russian, Romanian, Dari, Arabic. We understand : French, Spanish, Ukrainian

A passionate staff

We are a small but enthusiastic team and work in harmony with each other. We are all complementary and motivated by one goal : helping our beneficiaries integrate in Moldova

If You Are Interested In Discussing Potential Partnership Opportunities