In case of immediate danger : call 112

Call the following hotline

From Moldova : 0 8008 8008

From abroad : +37322240624

Other hotlines : La Strada

1. send to this email
3 photos of the owner with the animal
2. The name of the owner's surname, if desired, you can attach the owner's ID
3. Describe the problem whether parasite vaccination needs food or some medical veterinary services such as blood test sterilization castration.
After considering the application, a veterinary clinic will be provided where you can go through these procedures.
Application time is 7-10 days.

List of veterinary clinics

Free chips/passport for dogs

Telegram : help for cats and dogs Free veterinary services and medicines for guide dogs


You can contact the Center GDM : +37360491200 (Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal, Viber)

From Moldova - Call 080010820 (8am to 10pm)

+37322955820 call from Ukraine
The Embassy and Consulate of the State of Israel in Moldova assist citizens of Israel and members of the Jewish community in repatriation issues. Contact phone +37379176560

Universal Security Group : 079508070 / 079507010

Orange : free sim cards in Orange shops upon presentation of Ukrainian passports

Moldcell Free SIM cards : until the end of March, Moldcell subscribers and citizens of Ukraine will be able to make calls to Ukraine at a price of up to 50 bani/minute. 

Moldtelecom Free SIM cards and Internet

Vodafone Ukraine Affordable roaming in Moldova

Free access to the application from StarNet TV

Simtravel: Free roaming SIM cards for refugees traveling to the EU