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Staying in Moldova

The state identification number of a natural person (IDNP / IDNP) is the main official identifier of a person on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. IDNP / IDNP is required for interaction with government agencies in order to:

  • use government services
  • when applying for a job
  • enrollment of children in kindergarten or school
  • when opening a bank account
  • registering your own company, etc.

To obtain an IDNP / IDNP, enter personal data from an identity document of a citizen of Ukraine (this can be a foreign passport, internal identity card or birth certificate).

Obtain a state identification number of an individual (IDNP)

State identification number (IDNP / IDNP) is valid upon presentation of an identity card, on the basis of which this number was assigned.

IDNP / IDNP is issued based on data from the Public Services Agency (ASP). In the case of citizens of Ukraine, these data are entered immediately in the process of crossing the state border of the Republic of Moldova.

The resulting statement can be easily downloaded as a PDF file.

If IDNP / IDNP was not found

If IDNP / IDNP for some reason cannot be found through the portal, you should personally contact one of the multifunctional centers of the Public Services Agency (ASP).

All contacts can be found here  or at the Bureau for Migration and Asylum

Contacts for all questions regarding IDNP / IDNP:
Public Services Agency for calls from Moldova 14909
Public Services Agency for calls from other countries +373 22 257 070
Bureau for Migration and Asylum Hotline, 24/7 0 800 015 27

Citizens of Ukraine and members of their families who entered the Republic of Moldova since 24 th of February are allowed to stay on the territory of the Republic of Moldova as long as the state of emergency is in effect. The 90 days during a 180 days period rule does not apply.

The asylum application procedure is free. An interpreter will be provided.

You can apply for asylum at any Moldovan border crossing point, at any police station or at the offices of the Bureau of Migration and Asylum.
To apply for asylum, your oral application is sufficient, then with the help of authorized persons you fill out a written form.
You can apply for asylum at the border, even if you don’t have a passport!
No one has the right to refuse to accept your asylum application!

Contact 0 8000 12 57 or the Law Center of Advocates : 

+ 37 360 23 89 27
+ 37 360 96 67 60
+ 37 360 72 26 83
+37 368 82 81 80
+ 37 360 57 48 48

All persons, including citizens of Ukraine, who are faced with problems related to the violation of human rights, can apply to the Office of the People’s Advocate.

Contacts: Tel.: +373 60002657

Telegram channel of the Bureau of Migration and Asylum