Local volunteer– linguistic, translation and technical documentation assistant

StudiesLinguistics in foreign languages

Experience in the field of volunteering: Teacher of Romanian language, Oberliht Young Artists Association

Volunteering at the Charity Centre for Refugees NGO: providing assistance and support in preparation, editing, proofreading, translation of documentation related to projects, articles, promo materials, other assistance during refugees’ integration events and activities.

Previously, I used to be a staff member at the Charity Centre for Refugees. Once gone to the maternity leave, I did not want to leave the organisation in fact, so I have been enjoying the opportunity to continue my collaboration with CCR so far. Excellent staff and volunteering team, challenging activities and endless need to be a support to refugees – all provide me the joy and development in my work, regardless my maternity status.

The Charity Centre for Refugees is the place where I can find a friendly and welcome athmosphere, learn life lessons from amazingly strong people seeking asylum in our country, and drink a cup of warm tea – anytime 🙂
Thank you, CCR!

Nel Tyborska

EVS volunteer from Poland– project support and conducting events and integration activities

Studies: freshly graduated from high school

Experience in the field of volunteering: “I was a volunteer in the clubhouse of my Junior High School in Poland. I did some activities with the kids, like games, handcrafts or reading books.”

Volunteering at the Charity Centre for Refugees NGO: “I work directly with asylum seekers and refugees in the TAC (Temporary Accommodation Centre). My job is to do fitness/yoga classes there, as well as teaching English and French. It’s usually a lot of fun, although we have sometime a hard time – reasons are obvious.

However the best part of my work is by far all the informal – chatting over a cup of  “chay”  with my dear refugees, talking about their stories, expectations, the everyday life they left behind and this happening now, in little Moldova, this forgotten but fascinating country.

Despite being “only” an NGO, as some would say, the CCR plays an important role in refugee’s life here in Chişinău. It’s a formidable anchor point, helping with the creation of a new, more favorable life for the refugees and asylum seekers or as an amazing and truly supporting information source for those who move farer.

Thanks to the CCR I got along with people I would never meet in normal circumstances. I never cried more. I never felt more valuable and helpful after any language class. I never had such a great time being all together, with my charming refugees.”


Daria Stupina

Big changes have a beginning in small actions’

Local volunteer in IT

Studies: Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics, Technical University of Moldova

Volunteering at the Charity Centre for Refugees NGO:At CCR, I am volunteering in IT domain – computer issues, technical equipment, IT advice. I also participate in some daily activities and regular events.

For me CCR became a good life experience: I met a lot of different people, who talk different languages, represent different cultures, and everyone of them is a unique and interesting personality, mostly opened for exchange of experience.

Being part of CCR team for half a year I can say with confidence, that CCR organization is the place, where refugees can appeal and get help in any questions: from moral support to assistance in everyday problems, from cases of discrimination to employment or educational assistance, from simple necessity to talk to housing issues. Multiplicity of events and activities, organized by employees and volunteers during summer and holidays gives opportunity of communication between people, intercultural exchange and integration. From my observations, CCR employees use personal approach and respect confidentiality of each beneficiary, who comes with problems.

I am proud to be a part of team, who protect human rights and ‎struggles against discrimination.”


Dima Deiri

Volunteering as a Music teacher (piano), translator and animator during children’ events

Studies: Pharmacy
Experience in the field of volunteering: “In Syria, as a President of the Diabetes Association Mothers of children and mothers Shams School inherent in Aleppo
Volunteering at the Charity Centre for Refugees NGO: “Teaching the children ” Soul Food ” when there soul is feeding good there life will be good.

It is so hard to explain in just a few some words my experience at the Charity Centre for Refugees, just that it makes me feel so important in my life because I do something.”

Miriam Lorenzo

EVS Volunteer from Spain

Studies: Social Work

Experience in the field of volunteering: I volunteered before in (Ek Balam) Mexico, in a small mayan community, and in (Cusco) Perú, in a non formal school for children from low-income families.

Volunteering at the Charity Centre for Refugees NGO: The current refugee crisis and the way the countries of the European Union are dealing with the issue is truly frustrating and it makes me feel helpless. It is sad to think that in Spain not so many years ago many people had to flee by the civil war and the dictatorship and now we are not helping people in the same situation. This European volunteering in CCR has given me the opportunity to know firsthand how this issue is treated in a small country in Eastern Europe that in the beginning could be a country of passage but for some families has become a safe destination. I believe that knowing the stories of the refugees living in Moldova and working with them will be an experience of inestimable value.

CCR helps refugees to start a new life in Moldova, facilitates their integration in the country and give them a safe place where they can meet people in the same situation with whom to share stories and doubts but also meet a team of workers and volunteers who fight for their rights and are willing to help them face any problem that may arise.


Mihaela Vidru

Local volunteer – interactive and development activities for children

Studies: High School “Gaudeamus”

Experience in the field of volunteering: “I do not have so much experience in volunteering, but since I am the part of the team I realised that it working as volunteer is the best way for me to develop.

Volunteering at the Charity Centre for Refugees NGO: Despite the fact that I am the youngest volunteer in CCR, I try to be helpful and useful for everyone. My dream is to be a diplomat and be a volunteer in least developed countries and to make every person happy.”


Doina Crăciun

Local volunteer – project support, monitoring and conducting events and integration activities

Studies: Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance, Moldova State University

Experience in the field of volunteering: “I’ve been volunteering since 2012, in various NGOs activating in the field of youth, non-discrimination and social area.”

Volunteering at the Charity Centre for Refugees NGO: “I am in love with volunteering and foreign languages. I believe that everyone can change the world with small steps in his/her own community. To be near refugees means for me to make the world a better place for us, for human beings. CCR taught me that no matter what status you have, kindness and friendship should always win against wars, terror and suffering.

I think that the most wished thing for refugees is to find again a place to call “my home” and I strongly believe that CCR is that place where refugees feel comfortable and in safety. That encouragement that they receive from CCR helps them to continue the fight for a better life here in Moldova. I’ve learned from CCR that services should be focused on people, first of all, and less on papers.”


Dieter Eggen

EVS Volunteer from Netherlands

Studies: Interdisciplinary Social Studies

Experience in the field of volunteering: “I volunteered before for a student association that aimed specifically at increasing volunteering and social awareness among students in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands.”

Volunteering at the Charity Centre for Refugees NGO: “The refugee crisis is one of the biggest challenges of our time and if not handled sensibly one that will continue to cause tremendous human suffering. That even Moldova, a country with a fair chair of its own problems, is a destination for refugees just goes to show that by far most refugees are simply in search of a safe haven where they can have a normal life. Being able to get to know their stories and contribute to a better life for them here has been, and is, a very rewarding and insightful experience.

CCR is one of the very few organizations in Moldova that works with refugees and as such plays an invaluable role in helping refugees rebuilding their life here.”