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Working meeting at the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Moldova

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On 8th of May 2019, at IOM office in Chisinau, the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), participated, together with its colleagues from Sweden, Lithuania, Russia, IOM Moldova, Bureau of Migration and Asylum (BMA) and ANTEM at the working meeting from the Project ’’Digital multiliteracies, integration, language and mutual cultural learning’’, opened by the IOM Chief of Mission welcome speech, Mr. Lars Johan Lonnback.

The raised issue was discussed in a multilateral way by the representatives of international institution (IOM Moldova), the government (BMA), academic environment (Orebro University – Sweden, Kaunas University – Lithuania, Uppsala University – Sweden and Murmansk State University – Russia), as well as the civil society (ANTEM and CCR). At the same time, the participants exchanged practices and experiences coming from their countries regarding the integration of foreigners and refugees, reintegration of Moldovan returning citizens, cultural orientation and multilateral assistance for the integration of migrants in the Republic of Moldova, methods of organizing linguistic courses for foreigners.

In its presentation, CCR has exposed the 20 years experience in the field of refugee integration in the Republic of Moldova, cultural orientation and multiple assistance for asylum seekers and refugees.

CCR would like to express its gratitutde to all participants, especially Mrs. Viorica Olaru for invitation at the working meeting.

Paknehad Șabnam-Cristina