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2021 regional consultations with NGOs in Europe

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The Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), partner of the UNHCR, participated during 21-23 of September 2021 at the Regional Consultations with NGOs in Europe organized by the UNHCR Regional Bureau for Europe.

The event aimed at ensuring a safe space for dialogue and networking between UNHCR and NGOs on specific topics of discussion, in which NGOs were able to share activities, results, challenges and lessons learned and identify concrete ways to jointly overcome obstacles and challenges in the European context.

The topics discussed were:

  1. inclusion in Europe through organizations led by forcibly displaced and stateless persons;
  2. access of forcibly displaced and stateless persons to social protection schemes in Europe through local actors and initiatives;
  3. issues and reforms related to funded partnerships between UNHCR and NGOs.

CCR had interventions on social counselling and assistance part and provided its recommendations in the field.


Text: Doina Craciun – CCR’s Project Assistant