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Community-based project in Razeni village

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During June month, the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR) within the program of the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Kyiv implemented a community-based project in Razeni village, Ialoveni district.

Due to the support of the embassy, local public authority installed a video surveillance system in the village, cameras were fitted near high school, kindergarten (where are studying 900 pupils and more than 400 pre-preschoolers), mayoralty headquarters and other public spaces.

The mayor, Mr. Ion Cretu during a meeting with the director of CCR, Mr. Djavid Paknehad, reported a decreasing of law breach incidents in the community. The kindergarten that was losing time and efforts to supply the second floor of the building with qualitative water installed a hydrophore that took the burden away and, also,  the Greek-Roman fights gym has, now, more light in the rooms and some of the equipment necessary for trainings such as roping pull, punching bag etc.

CCR has a long-lasting collaboration with the public authority in Razeni that has been facilitating refugee integration into new local communities through providing a social house for refugees where at the moment are living four refugee families from Azerbaijan, Yemen, Armenia and Palestine.

The mayoralty and local community sent a letter to express their deep appreciation and gratitude for the UAE Embassy in Kyiv and Charity Centre for Refugees for the indispensable support and invaluable assistance.

Author: Doina Craciun – project assistant