2001- 2002

Computer training for refugee and asylum seekers

The Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR) had been organized computer classes for refugees and asylum-seeking community since 2002 based on grant from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bucharest. Interested refugees and asylum-seekers, including children had the opportunity to attend the courses at CCR premises. The computer course offered a good chance to refugee and asylum-seeking children and adults to enlarge knowledge in ICT and improve their performance at school and work. Thus, the Centre contributed to formation of a self-reliant refugee/asylum-seeking community. Access to the internet was available to the interested refugees and asylum-seekers in Moldova, as well as to the local population.


Cinema for the refugee and asylum-seeking community and the local population

Since 2002, CCR organizes video presentations which usually include documentary films and cartoons. The cinema enabled beneficiaries with additional information and news, promoted understanding of the socio-cultural environment, familiarised them with the overall situation and major problems faced by refugees and asylum-seekers all around the world, including in the Republic of Moldova. The cinema offered a good opportunity to refugees and asylum-seekers and to local population to enlarge knowledge and enhanced closer communication between the refugee and asylum-seeking community with the local society.