Curriculum for Romanian language

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On 31st of March, Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), partner of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Republic of Moldova (UNHCR) participated at the conference of launching the Curriculum of learning Romanian language for refugees and of the online Romanian language course as a foreign language through the online platform, organized by ANTEM (National Association of European Trainers from Moldova) with the financial support of UNHCR.

At the basis of this event there were some facts according to which in the Republic of Moldova live many foreigners, including refugees, that need support in order to be integrated in the society, both social and linguistic. Curriculum of learning State language for refugees  is an important teaching support that facilitates the integration of refugees in the stream of socio-economic and cultural life of Moldovan community.

The curriculum is intended for refugee and asylum seekers’ adults that want to learn State language as a foreign language in order to facilitate socio-professional integration on the territory of Moldova.

CCR was represented by Mr Djavid Paknehad and also by the local and refugee volunteers that expressed their interests and opinions about the importance of the curriculum and online platform for Romanian language learning, the objectives and future impact of the program on social and linguistic integration process of refugees from Moldova. Mr Djavid Paknehad informed about refugees who attend State language classes at State Pedagogical University “Ion Creanga”.
Doina Crăciun- local volunteer