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Good Deeds Day 2018 at the Charity Centre for Refugees

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On 29th of April 2018, a group of pupils from the Lyceum ”Spiru Haret” organized a charity action for refugee children and women at the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR) within Good Deeds Day campaign. In collaboration with teachers from the lyceum ”Spiru Haret”, CCR hosted more than 50 participants.

Good Deeds Day in Moldova is an annual international action that unites people around the world in order to help others. It represents a campaign of volunteering activities promotion initiated by the Republican Volunteering Centre on the whole teritory of Moldova.

At the beginning Mr. Djavid Paknehad, the director of CCR and teachers from the lyceum ”Spiru Haret” held few welcoming spechees. At the same time pupils had the opportunity to found out more information regarding refugees living in the Republic of Moldova and services provided by CCR for refugees.

As refugees needs more support in the process of integration, the pupils made a presentation about the national traditional Moldavian costumes, explaining  the meanings of the constituent elements while some of them were dressed in wonderful national costumes to show the beauty of local traditions. Additionally, pupils performed a concert, during it they sang the most representatives traditional Moldavian songs and shared presents with refugee children and women. The pupils brought books donated by pupils from the Lyceum and also, sweets.

The Charity Centre for Refugees would like to thank the pupils for such great initiative even though they are so young, but have constructive ideas about supporting other in order to build a cohesive society.