Visit of the UNHCR Regional Office in Budapest to Razeni Village and Temporary Accomodation Center

On 05th of August 2021, the director of the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), Mr. Djavid Paknehad coordinated a meeting of the Regional Integration Officer from the Regional Office of UNHCR for Central Europe, Mrs. Olivera Vukotic, and her colleague the Senior Protection Associate, Mr. Serghei Gaina, with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Razeni village and some refugee families who live there. The UNHCR’s representatives were interested to discuss with refugees that live in social houses about drawbacks or successful stories while integrating into local society.

The same day, UNHCR’s representatives had a meeting with a group of inhabitants of the Temporary Accommodation Centre to identify the issues they face with, in particular, problems related to employment, documentation, any specific needs they have, etc. and the support that they would like to receive in order to manage challenges and difficulties in Moldova.


Text: Paknehad Șabnam-Cristina – CCR’s Deputy Director

Previous Food packages from the Municipality of Chisinau for the Asylum Seekers living at the TEmporary Accomodation Center