International Children’s Day

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In order to celebrate International Children’s Day for all the children living in Moldova and their families, the Ministry of Internal Affairs organized a big concert and different activities in the Square of Great National Assembly. This activities were supported by Charity Centre for Refugees and the Bureau of Migration and Asylum which brought refugee and asylum seeker’s children from Mereni village and Temporary Accommodation Centre to celebrate together with all Moldovan children this holiday.

During the event, there were some dance performances carried out by children and adolescents. The police gave the children interested in it, a ride in the police motorbikes and also they could see a car exhibition and a demonstration of driving. Besides, the families could see an exhibition of paintings made by refugee and asylum seeker’s children organized by Charity Centre for Refugees and supported by Bureau of Migration and Asylum. These pictures reflect the feelings of the refugees children having to flee from their countries and homes and start a new life in Moldova.

More than 40 refugees, families and their children, living in Moldova participated at this event in which the children enjoyed the activities and even could greet and take a picture with the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Alexandru Jizdan.

Miriam Lorenzo Prieto, EVS volunteer from Spain
Doina Craciun, Art teacher