Excursion to Tipova and Saharna

On Saturday 30th of September 2017, Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), partner on UNHCR Moldova and Bureau of Migration and Asylum (BMA), organized an excursion for refugees and asylum seekers to visit the historical sites of Tipova and Saharna, two of the most beautiful places in Moldova.

CCR invited refugees and asylum seekers to spend a wonderful day outside the Chisinau and at the same time to find out a bit more about the country where they are living. They could visit Tipova and Saharna’s monasteries, caves, walked in the nature and enjoy the beautiful view over the Nistru River. Also in Saharna the guide told us about the history of the monasteries that are there.

The excursion was possible due to a good collaboration between CCR and the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Moldova that supported this activity and offered a guide, free of charge, during the trip. CCR wanted to express its gratitude to the Ministry of Culture that kindly supported this activity.

Miriam Lorenzo Prieto, EVS volunteer from SpainDoina Crăciun, Volunteers’ Coordinator











































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