Informative session at the Northern Regional Service of the Bureau of Migration and Asylum in Balti municipality

On Thursday, 5th of December 2019, at the Northern Regional Service of the Bureau of Migration and Asylum in Balti municipality (NRS BMA Balti), took place an informative session organised by the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR) in the framework of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Project and in collaboration with the Bureau of Migration and Asylum Moldova (BMA), with the topic of “The access of the asylum-seekers and the beneficiaries of a form of protection to the state services in the process of adaptation and integration”.

The meeting was opened by the Director of CCR (Mr. Djavid Paknehad), the Director of Asylum and Integration Direction of BMA (Mr. Iulian Popov) and the Director of the NRS BMA Balti (Mr. Iurie Golban). During the day, were presented the activities of the previous mentioned organisations, also, of the Law Centre of Advocates (Mr. Ion Bambuleac), the National Agency for Employment (Mr. Ilie Chițac), the National Association of the European Trainers in Moldova (Mrs. Lilia Trinca) and the Social Assistance and the Protection of the Family Direction in Balti (Mrs. Ana Cojocaru).

Then, the present refugees from Afghanistan and Syria and the migrants from Ukraine talked about their ups and downs in Moldova and received answers to their questions. This session incorporated many important points, as were explained to which of the organisations the refugee community can come in case if they have something to ask or to solve and they know that there is a unique window of the NRS BMA in Balti municipality, so, those persons who live in the North part of Moldova can go there, as it is close to them.

Paknehad Șabnam-Cristina – Deputy Director

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