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Refugee children participation at football match

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In collaboration with the Moldovan Football Federation (MFF), on 14th of October 2019, the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), together with 22 refugee children supported Moldovan National Football Team at the official match between Moldova and Albania, within the ’’UEFA Football and Refugees Grant Scheme 2019/2020’’ Project, with the title ’’#EQUAL GAME’’.

It was the second time when the children from the refugee community accompanied football players of both national teams on Zimbru Stadium during the anthems of Albania and the Republic of Moldova. The children (dressed in football suits) were so glad to meet football players and to have the opportunity to go by hand with them on arena. Afterwards, together with their parents, they watched the match with enthusiasm as spectators, having recognition certificates of participation and contribution.

CCR, the parents and all 22 children highly appreciate the initiative of the MFF to involve children in this event, because, in this way, they feel their selves more comfortable and the integration process into the host society becomes easier and faster.

CCR and the entire refugee community wish good luck to the Moldovan National Football Team in future matches.

Paknehad Șabnam-Cristina – Coordinator of ’’UEFA Football and Refugees Grant Scheme 2019/2020’’ Project