Successful employment case of an UNHCR person of concern

The Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), partner of UNHCR Moldova and Bureau of Migration and Asylum, has been providing employment counselling to refugee and asylum seekers, starting from June 2018, based on the previous successful experience in 2016.

One PoC interested to find a job in order to be independent and able to satisfy his personal needs received employment assistance in the first months of arrival. The professional competences and previous experience facilitated the employed at a travel agency in Chisinau in a short period of time.

At the moment, the PoC stated that his self-confidence raised and is satisfied with the company he works. Recently, the beneficiary shared the impressions after meeting with the Head  of Gagauzia that handed him a letter of gratitude for the efforts to promote tourism in the region, including rural one,  and with the President of the Republic of Moldova during specific events.

CCR considers that employment is a key aspect for the PoCs self-reliance and integration in the Republic of Moldova and the success of our beneficiaries relies on the CCR team which  is multilingual and speaks various languages, know well the local labour market and has the capability to connect PoCs with employers.

Doina Crăciun- Project Assistant

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