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The Head of the UNHCR Moldova meets students from ULIM

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On 17th November 2017, the Charity Centre for Refugees, partner of UNHCR and BMA, organized at its premises a meeting of around 25 students from International Relations Faculty, ULIM (Free International University of Moldova) and 2 coordinator teachers, with Mr. Traian Turcanu, the Head of the National UNHCR Office in Moldova and Mr. Djavid Paknehad, the Director of the Charity Centre for Refugees. Thus, the students had the opportunity to meet and discuss the situation of refugees in Republic of Moldova.

The informative session allowed local students to find out the current situation of refugees in Moldova, including statistical data, country of origins etc. and also helped in clarifying the most common stereotypes about refugees. Students showed interest in expanding knowledge in migration and refugee, while some of them were really keen on knowing more about the cultural background of refugees, including the differences of their religious affiliation.

CCR is glad that young Moldovan people want to be involved in the integration of refugees in the country and is ready to support and implement all the initiatives that have that goal. CCR is interested in encouraging participation of local students in supporting integration of refugees in Moldova.

Miriam Prieto Lorenzo- EVS volunteer from Spain