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The World Refugee Day in Chisinau, Moldova

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On 17 June 2021, in the framework of the UNHCR program and with the support of the BMA, CCR organized at the Temporary Accommodation Centre for asylum-seekers (TAC) an event dedicated to the World Refugee Day.

Words of greeting, support, and commemoration were addressed by Mr. Djavid Paknehad (Director of CCR), Mr. Iulian Popov (Head of Asylum and Integration Directorate within BMA), Mr. Serghei Gaina (Senior Protection Associate at the Regional Office of UNHCR for Central Europe) and Mr. Ion Bambuleac (Legal Adviser from the Law Centre of Advocates). After, the representative from the Border Police has shown some tricks with his trained dog, which impressed not only children, but also adults. Then everybody picked what to do: play football (on the mini-football pitch built in 2020 with the support of the Football Association of Moldova within the “UEFA Football and Refugees Grant Scheme” Project), volleyball, chess, jump rope, sing, dance, discuss, etc. Due to the pandemic, the number of participants was limited at the TAC. There were the asylum-seekers that are accommodated at the centre and refugees who live in different cities of Moldova from the following countries of origin: Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Central African Republic, Gambia, India, Iraq, Libya, Rwanda, South Africa, Syria, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

The event was reflected by the mass media representatives that participated at the event and broadcasted at the TV.

CCR brings its gratitude on behalf of the refugee community to the BMA for making possible the event on fresh air, which united almost 60 persons.


Paknehad Șabnam-Cristina – CCR’s Deputy Director