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COVID-19 vaccination for refugees and asylum-seekers

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Once the Government of the Republic of Moldova launched the campaign of vaccination against COVID-19, the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), partner of the UNHCR and Bureau for Migration and Asylum, started the mass information of eligible refugees and asylum-seekers upon the procedure of vaccination.

It is worth mentioning that refugees and asylum-seekers can access the vaccination without being discriminated, on par with Moldovan citizens and according to the established procedures refugees and asylum-seekers are being referred to their family doctors or assisted by CCR to register online for vaccination. More recently, the centres of vaccination opened for large population facilitated the vaccination procedure.

Outbreak and further developments of the pandemic in the Republic of Moldova determined to set the health as the foremost priority for authorities and for each individual in the country and the quick and effective response adopted against the devastating effects of the COVID-19 is highly appreciated by CCR and refugee community.

We express our deep appreciation to the authorities, to all state institution and organs, at national and municipal level, involved in the process of implementation of the national plan for immunization against COVID-19 for considering all human beings important regardless of nationality, race and statute.

Text: Doina Crăciun, project assistant