Opening of the “beauty salon” for refugee and asylum-seeking women

Emtithal Salim – Beneficiary of Humanitarian Protection from Syria – is cutting the cord of the beauty salon

The Charity Centre for Refugees – CCR (Community Centre) aims at enabling refugee women community to participate in social life and strengthen their intra-group support and self-sufficiency.

Thus, on 19th of July, at CCR premises there was opened a mini beauty salon for refugee women within the activity programme of the Refugee Women’s Council.

As twice per week at CCR office takes place summer school for refugee women and children, during which there are performed Arabic, Romanian languages and art classes, the refugees, asylum seekers and beneficiaries of humanitarian protection (PoCs) ladies opened a place for haircutting and other small beauty procedures.

The cord of the mini beauty salon was cut by the present PoCs and some of them had already new haircuts. These are performed free of charge by a refugee woman from Syria – a professional hairdresser.

The service is supported financially by the International Women’s Club of Moldova from the Winter Charity Bazaar Fund within collaboration with CCR during long periods of time.

CCR strongly believes that the implementation of the new service will serve refugee and asylum-seeking women well and make them fill more comfortable and self-confident.

Șabnam-Cristina Paknehad












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