The meeting with the Head of the Regional Office of UNHCR in Budapest

On Thursday, 29th of November, took place an official meeting at Charity Centre for Refugees. At the round table were present the Head of the Regional Office of UNHCR in Budapest – Ms. Montserrat Feixas Vihé, Mr. Traian Turcanu, Mr. Sergiu Gaina – UNHCR Moldova and UNHCR`s partners. The main topics were the UNHCR`s Moldova Office closing (it will be changed the way of management) and the UNHCR policy changes in the Republic of Moldova. So, starting with January 2019, the UNHCR`s partners will work directly with the Office in Budapest.

After the round table, Ms. Montserrat Feixas Vihé has met at the Community Centre for Refugees around 60 refugees and asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Sudan etc. She informed them that the UNHCR`s Moldova Office will be closed, but all the activities for the beneficiaries will remain. There were discussed questions, problems, wishes, gratitudes and Ms. Montserrat Feixas Vihé answered to the most intense questions of the evening.

The refugee community has received concrete answers and has left the meeting (which lasted more than one hour and half) satisfied, wishing to the Head of the Regional Office of UNHCR the best.

Paknehad Șabnam-Cristina





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