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UNHCR Informative Session on human rights and refugee protection

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Tuesday, May 29th, 2018, UNHCR Moldova organized an informative session on human rights and refugee protection for more than 20 students. The event was aimed at developing positive attitudes towards refugees. At the event participated, as well, the UNHCR partner NGOs, including Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR).

In the beginning, Mr. Traian Turcan, the Head of UNHCR Moldova, explained the competences of UNHCR office at the global level and in the Republic of Moldova, highlighting the differentiation between refugees and other categories of migrants.

Mr. Djavid Paknehad (Director of the CCR) spoke about some very strong myths perceived by the present students, and not only, about Muslim refugees. Mr Paknehad emphasized that Islam, a promoter of peace, appreciates and respects women, who have the right to work, to study and other fundamental human rights. Also, the young people were informed about the CCR activities, provided services, including Romanian language course, cultural events such as Martisor, Easter or Christmas and Oriental – Eid al Adha, Eid al Fitr, Nawruz etc.

Mr. Iulian Popov, the Head of the BMA’s Directorate for Asylum and Integration, spoke about the role of the institution in the field of refugee protection and how the procedures occurs since asylum seekers entered on the territory of the Republic of Moldova until the acceptance or denial of their application.

Mrs. Natalia Poștaru, from Law Center of the Advocates (LCA) and Ms. Vasilisa Cumanova from Ave Copiii presented the activity of above mentioned NGOs outlined the key points of the organization’s activity, trying to raise awareness regarding refugee issues.

An interesting and extremely useful gathering took place and all participants were pleasantly surprised by the received information, feedback and room`s atmosphere.