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Multi-task event at Community Centre

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On 26th July, at CCR’s Community Centre there was organized a multi-task event within Summer School for refugee and asylum-seeking women and children. The goal of the event was to offer a safe place for the beneficiaries to meet each other, share ideas and communicate.

The main guests at the event were two CCR friends, representatives of the International Women’s Club of Moldova (IWCM), Mrs. Ursula and Mrs. Sabina. Ladies were delighted to congratulate refugee women with the opening of the mini beauty salon and to see the working process of the main hairdresser- Mrs. Emtithal Salem, a refugee from Syria. CCR expressed its gratitude to IWCM for financially supporting the idea of haircutting for women from the fund of the Winter Charity Bazaar.

As the time was for summer school as well, refugee and asylum-seeking women and children were involved in handicrafts activity prepared by the EVS volunteer. The workshop included hand-modelling techniques for creating brochures from eco-friendly materials that will be painted and sold at the Winter Charity Bazaar in December 2018.

Members of the Refugee Women’s Council decided to share with a few traditional recipes and brought some food. On the other side, a Palestinian refugee- Mr. Rajih Adwan, who is running a network of restaurants in Chisinau, decided to support women and provided more traditional food for the event.

The event is part of the CCR’s Community Centre mobilization and outreach that aims at fostering refugee community initiatives and innovations.

Doina Crăciun, CCR Project Assistant