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Study visit of Ukrainian NGO’s in the Republic of Moldova, including to CCR

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On Friday, 29th of November, an informal gathering took place at the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR) in collaboration with the heads of around 10 Ukrainian NGO’s. This visit was agreed between the UNHCR office in Kyiv, Ukraine and UNHCR office in Budapest, Hungary.

Firstly, they became acquainted that CCR is partner of UNHCR and Bureau of Migration and Asylum. The slides were showing that CCR receives social assistance from the government and civil society and, in this regard, CCR assists the persons of concern (PoCs) from the first days of being on the territory of Moldova till their naturalization (getting citizenship).

The visitors have shown their interest regarding the social houses from Mereni and Razeni villages, not too far from Chisinau, repaired by UNHCR and put into refugees use, being administered by CCR and local Mayoralties. These families are involved in the social life of those cities and CCR has good relations with their Mayoralties.

Also, the Ukrainian NGO’s leaders were impressed regarding each of CCR’s activities, including the blood donation, the handicrafts and, especially the fundraising.

After the presentation, the guests – from such NGO’s as for the Intern Displaced Persons, the Club for the women who were victims of home violence, or the NGO which works with the weak women, some of them being partners of UNHCR Ukraine – were very active in asking CCR’s Director all the questions that they had about refugee or asylum-seeker’s life in the Republic of Moldova, as they are new and young NGO’s and want to develop them, by discovering different kind of management in the refugee domain.

The guests left CCR’s office very impressed of its activities and told that they will get with them to Ukraine these new knowledges.

Paknehad Șabnam-Cristina – Deputy Director of CCR